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The distribution of nerves to a part.
The amount of nerve stimulation received by a part.



the supply of nerves to organs and tissues, which provides for their communication with the central nervous system (CNS).

A distinction is made between afferent (centripetal) and efferent (centrifugal) innervation. Signals about the condition of an organ and the processes taking place in it are perceived by sensitive nerve endings (receptors) and transmitted to the CNS over the centripetal fibers. The responses that regulate the functioning of the organs are transmitted along the centrifugal nerves, enabling the CNS to keep regulating and altering the activity of organs and tissues in accordance with the body’s requirements. The function-regulating role of the CNS is different for different organs. In some organs (for example, in skeletal muscle or salivary gland) the signals from the CNS determine their entire activity, so that complete disconnection from the CNS, or denervation, results in atrophy of the organ involved. Some organs (for example, the heart and intestine) can act under the influence of impulses originating in the organs themselves. In these cases, denervation does not result in atrophy but only limits, to some extent, the adaptive reactions, which persist both because of humoral regulation and because of the presence of a nervous system within the organ.


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PlayFab offered everything we needed, not just the operations tools and multiplayer support, but also integrations with services like Innervate which we are using for our community web platform.
The superficial peroneal nerve runs under the peroneus longus and innervates it and the peroneus brevis.
crossed cranial nerve - it means that nerve nucleus innervates the contralateral superior oblique muscles
Each nucleus contains around 6,000-7,000 neurons, about half of which are somatic motor neurons that directly innervate the ipsilateral LR.
By injecting tracers into different regions of the motor cortex we can selectively label the neurons that should innervate the forelimbs and hindlimbs.
The first step in repeating this design and optimization procedure for the sciatic nerve is the specification of the fascicular structure of the branches that innervate ankle musculature.
The upper brachial plexus roots (C5-C6) innervate proximal arm muscles controlling shoulder abduction, elbow flexion and contribute to the innervation of distal muscles controlling limb function.
may be in order, since the nerves that innervate the intestines can be irritated as they exit the spinal column.
In contrast, the right recurrent laryngeal nerve loops under the right subclavian artery before ascending to innervate the larynx (Figure 5).
Although there is no data in cardiac function and anal intercourse, rectal stimulation may innervate the vagus nerve.
Our nerve cells must span great distances to ultimately innervate our limbs, muscles and vital organs.
We may obtain functional control by stimulation of distal nerve branches that innervate muscles of interest.