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in botany: see maddermadder,
common name for the Rubiaceae, a family of chiefly tropical and subtropical trees, shrubs, and herbs, especially abundant in N South America. The family is important economically for several tropical crops, e.g., coffee, quinine, and ipecac, and for many ornamentals, e.g.
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Inquisitiveness (See CURIOSITY.)
Insanity (See MADNESS.)
Adam and Eve
naked in Eden; knew no shame. [O.T.: Genesis 2:25]
Sanskrit name means sinless. [Hindu Myth.: Benét, 50]
Babes in the Wood
innocent children are lost in the wood and die. [Br. Lit.: Babes in the Wood, Walsh Classical, 42]
basin and ewer
Pilate’s guiltlessness signified by washing of hands. [N.T.: Matthew 27:24]
Budd, Billy
friendly sailor; held in warm affection by crew. [Am. Lit.: Billy Budd]
free of evil. [Br. Lit.: “Christabel” in Walsh Modern, 95]
with fairy godmother’s aid, poor maligned girl wins prince’s heart. [Fr. Fairy Tale: Cinderella]
believes marriage to Pinkerton is real. [Ital. Opera: Puccini, Madama Butterfly, Westerman, 357]
symbol of blamelessness. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 173; Kunz, 328]
Delano, Amasa
naive, goodhearted captain rescues captive captain from mutineers. [Am. Lit.: Benito Cereno]
blamelessness martyred through slander. [Br. Lit.: Othello]
Hallyard, St
. Norwegian martyred in defense of guiltless woman. [Christian Hagiog.: Attwater, 165]
has instinct for goodness. [Children’s Lit.: Heidi]
chaste wife unjustly suspected by Postumus of unfaithfulness. [Br. Drama: Shakespeare Cymbeline]
attribute of young woman; personification of guiltlessness. [Art: Hall, 161]
female saloonkeeper in mining town; never been kissed. [Ital. Opera: Puccini, Girl of the Golden West, Westerman, 360–361]
in marrying former mistress of enemy. [Ger. Opera: d’Albert, Tief land, Westerman, 371–374]
Pinch, Tom
guileless, with unbounded goodness of heart. [Br. Lit.: Martin Chuzzlewit]
beautiful jungle girl, lover of birds and animals, knows neither evil nor guile. [Br. Lit.: Hudson Green Mansions in Magill I, 333]
unjustly condemned for adultery; later acquitted. [Apocrypha: Daniel and Susanna]
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Entering a world of mystery, fun and adventure Innocence has been dubbed"a magical theatre journey".
While not the focus of the book, Norris does explore the mutually influential relationship between innocence and the death penalty.
And the French law says you are guilty, and you have to prove your innocence.
The seminar included case studies and group presentations by participants and debate on where the line is drawn between an accused persons right to the presumption of innocence and the publics access to information.
The Pennsylvania Innocence Project, a nonprofit aimed at exonerating those who have been wrongfully convicted, (http://innocenceprojectpa.
DHA built a team of legal and political experts, including the California Innocence Project (CIP), to review and assist with his case.
Lost Innocence, which was published in 2013, now has a teacher's guide to go along with it, made possible by a $14,050 grant from the Anglican Church of Canada's Healing Fund.
Now a qualified solicitor, Caitlin Gallagher was elected student Innocence Officer during her time as a Cardiff student, and visited Mr George in prison while working on his case.
Ms Gallagher said: "I am delighted to hear that Cardiff Law School's Innocence Project has been shortlisted for the Christine Jackson Young Person Award.
Innocence is a unique playroom performance that invites children aged three and over - and their accompanying adults - to explore William Blake's imagination on a fun adventure.
7) He was released from prison early this year when it became clear that Simon was a likely victim of innocence fraud.
The case of Paolina and Franceschini is significant precisely because it occurred at the intersection where old views of sexual license and new libertine conceptions were coming into conflict with modern notions of childhood and new appreciation and respect for the fundamental innocence of children.