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She was accused of being stubborn, blinkered, deaf to the mood of the public, and innumerate when it came to considering the parliamentary maths.
However, we are sleep walking into a gross economic energy calamity, hypnotised by the innumerate Green movement and arts graduate politicians.
Franco was also a Marchigiano, and his innumerate recipes from home were, and still are, some of my very favourite Italian cooking.
The days of the extended family are long gone and it's a sad fact that many kids leave school today, semi-literate and innumerate, which makes them unemployable.
Non-technical, innumerate, vote-catching politicians are leading UK citizens up a gum tree.
In every way a lively, intelligent, creative boy, he is innumerate. For this harmless failing, he is accused of lowering his class score and his school league place.
Antonio Contreras: Unashamed and unapologetic,' by Cody Cepeda and Wilhelm Tan - a feature on the academic controversialist and Bongbong Marcos supporter who burst into the national scene with a fervent but innumerate analysis of alleged election cheating.
The Conservative manifesto was comically innumerate, with business regarded as an embarrassing relative best kept out of sight.
I have loved the woman I have loved the earth I have loved the sea I have loved many things it's hard for me fo innumerate today Of many of them by now I've spoken I don't know maybe I've been wrong there've been so many times when I've been wrong but behind the woman the earth the sea I always seemed to see a something else perhaps the lord That is his name and in it there's no room for fear But after this dream I'm obliged to sing: Behold how the lord is in this place Why I don't know perhaps a thin stalk sways perhaps some child smiles It isn't the man alone in the afternoon that terrifies as in another time of splendor I once sang It is this place that terrifies Why this terror?
It is no wonder so many are innumerate, and naive about the workings of courts, government, and business.
In the extreme, an innumerate person cannot utilize numbers to perform simple addition or other math facts.