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inoculum size, different time, pH, temperature, carbon source and nitrogen source.
4%) patients had infection on inoculation site, of which one had inoculum taken from genital lesion.
The three studied variables were coded as: moisture content (A), inoculums size (B) and temperature (C).
Microorganism and inoculum preparation: Fungal strain used in this study was obtained from the Fungal Bank University of The Punjab Lahore.
S/I ratio can be expressed as the amount of VS in the substrate per the amount of VS or amount of volatile suspended solid (VSS) originating from inoculum.
The effect of vegetative inoculum size (1-5%) on citric acid production by Aspergillus niger (Figure 3) shows that the maximum citric acid production of 0.
The number of conidia per ml of inoculum was determined with Haemacyto meter (Tiefe depth profounder 0.
The results showed that the concentration of the inoculum and age of spores have a pronounced effect on the pectinolytic activity and dry weight.
4) The errors were categorized as wrong inoculum (30%), improper interval between immunizations (20%), wrong route of administration (18%), preparation error (4%), polypharmacy (2%), and other (2%).
There are many such factors which can stimulate or suppress the production of esterase like, pH, temperature, incubation time, amount and age of inoculum used for the production and type and concentration of carbon and nitrogen sources added in medium.
Coefficient of determination between inoculums level and plant growth parameter (root length and weight, shoot length and weight), root infection and plant mortality of inoculated plants is ranging from 0.