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Thermoelectric devices made of inorganic semiconductor materials such as bismuth telluride are already being used today in certain technological applications.
Inorganic semiconductor materials can be employed as hole-selective materials for PSCs due to their advantages of high hole mobility, wide band gap, and low cost, and they could be obtained by solution-processed method, showing promising respect of inorganic HTMs.
Hybrid solar cells combine both organic and inorganic semiconductors in an active layer such that the organic or polymer semiconductor serves as the electron donor and transports photogenerated holes, whereas the inorganic semiconductor accepts and transports electrons [1-6].
The first type of solid-state light source discovered was inorganic light emitting diodes (LEDs), which have an inorganic semiconductor junction, and are frequently installed in consumer electronics.
"Plextronics has developed a proprietary, leading set of inks for organic photovoltaics (OPV), that is, solar cells where the active layers are made of organic molecules instead of the typical heavy metals and inorganic semiconductor materials," Mr.
To create their thin-film transistors, Marks's group combined films of the inorganic semiconductor indium oxide with a multilayer of self-assembling organic molecules that he said provide superior insulating properties.
The quantum dots are particles of several nanometers (one nanometer = 10-9 m) in diameter, which are formed by inorganic semiconductor substances.
of Sheffield, UK) present nine chapters covering methodologies of classification and fabrication, methodologies of characterization, inorganic semiconductor nanostructures, nanomagnetic materials and devices, processing and properties of inorganic nanomaterials, electronic and electro-optic molecular materials and devices, self-assembling nanostructured molecular materials and devices, macromolecules at interfaces and structured organic films, and bionanotechnology.
In contrast to inorganic semiconductor based light-emitting diode (LED) materials, whose characteristics are adversely affected by size compression to the nanoscale, the electronic structures and charge transport characteristics of organic semiconductors suggest that they should be largely immune to such influences.
Did EM life intelligently choose the inorganic semiconductor, whose components may be forms of intelligence also?
The technology is based on new chemistries composed of small clusters (on order of 100 atoms) of an inorganic semiconductor, which are further covered with a cap of organic molecules that allow the clusters to be suspended in a liquid suitable for direct printing.
Several inorganic semiconductor nanoparticles have been used in hybrid solar cells [7-9].