inrush current

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lamp inrush current

The initial surge of current when an incandescent filament lamp is turned on; may be as much as 50 times the rated current and may last several tenths of a second for high-wattage lamps.
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If the manager proposes to work within a cautionary zone, he must first assess the information he has to enable him to consider whether an inrush may occur if no precautionary measures are taken.
In this paper, the result and the analyses of the water injection tests and some water inrush cases in the coal mine are presented.
Mr Taylor said: "Mr Rees asked if he had in place a Precaution Against Inrush scheme and he said he had and he was asked if he'd contacted the Mines Inspectorate and he said he had.
4) for switching unloaded transformer on gird (where inrush current is been recorded) and breaking of loaded transformer (where switch voltage is been recorded) consists of generator (60 MVA), generator transformer (Tr 1, 50 MVA), bus (110 kV) and tested transformer (Tr 2, 50 MVA) with consumers on LV 10,5 kV side.
The converters have an efficiency of up to 78% and a working temperature range between -40[degrees] and 185[degrees]F and are equipped with over-voltage and over-temperature protection, as well as reverse polarity protection with inrush current limitation.
TWO nights of temperatures down to -6, coupled with an inrush of snow melt, again depressed weights in the JB Angling series on Loch Ken.
Last night UK Coal insisted that safety was the paramount consideration in the decision to close the mine, saying that continuing to cut coal in the flood-affected area would run the risk of a much more serious inrush of water and potentially tragic consequences.
A power-up sequencing feature avoids branch circuit overload due to inrush current on powering up the SPC appliance.
The inrush of foreign funds has made Japan the best performer of the major countries in dollar terms for the calendar year to date, but it still lags behind others in terms of a 12-month performance, according to the Dow Jones dollar-denominated country indexes.
The researchers suggest that the abnormal inrush of potassium disrupts the heart's typical rhythm, leading to atrial fibrillation.