inrush current

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lamp inrush current

The initial surge of current when an incandescent filament lamp is turned on; may be as much as 50 times the rated current and may last several tenths of a second for high-wattage lamps.
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After the fault is exposed, it takes a certain period of time from the infiltration instability of filling media to the final formation of the water inrush under the continuous action of construction and groundwater, which is the time-lag effect of water inrush.
A test device of mud-water inrush through rock fractures was designed to study mud-water inrush characteristics though rock fractures.
In view of this, the objectives of this study are to investigate the mass transfer and nonlinear seepage properties of completely weathered granite and to quantify the impacts of water pressure and initial porosity on the water inrush evolution.
In this paper, the box dimension of fractal is applied to the identification of inrush current.
However, if CT saturation is present during external faults or during magnetizing inrush this relay is prone to false operation.
If the manager proposes to work within a cautionary zone, he must first assess the information he has to enable him to consider whether an inrush may occur if no precautionary measures are taken."
Moreover, the phenomenon is noted that most water inrush accidents through faults delayed in time (Zhou et al., 2000; Wu et al., 2003; Li et al., 2010; Xu, 2011; Qiao et al., 2013).
But Mr Taylor said Fyfield, 58, of Caerhenllys, Cwmllynfell, who denies manslaughter through gross negligence of the four colliers who died in the inrush, along with other workers, had "got it into their heads" there was only a small amount of water in the old workings they were blasting into.
"We're pleased to have worked with the Toronto Stock Exchange to fully integrate the TMX QuantumFeed into our performance-leading InRush Accelerated Ticker Plant." Redline Trading Solutions LEAD WITH SPEED Redline Trading Solutions provides leading-edge trading solutions that solve the toughest latency and throughput challenges in today's markets.
Inrush current is a well-known transient current that may occur when an unloaded or lightly loaded transformer is energized.
With true-rms AC voltage and current measurements, min/max/average and inrush recording, the Fluke 376 can read up to 1000V and 1000A in both AC and DC modes.