insect screen

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insect screen, window screen

A very light woven-wire used to prevent insects from flying through open windows or doors.
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Insect Screen. The insect screen selected for this study was a fibreglass cloth, black screen.
The models formulated for the off-normal solar properties of drape, roller blind and insect screen materials are based on measurements using samples with front/back symmetry.
When beam radiation is incident on the surface of an insect screen, it is split into two portions: the undisturbed portion transmitted through the openings and the intercepted portion--some of which will be scattered in the forward direction (i.e., transmitted) or scattered in the reverse direction (i.e., reflected).
Consider a multi-layer system with the following elements: an insect screen on the outdoor side and a double-glazed window and a venetian blind on the indoor side.
He suggested that people should sleep under mosquito netting or in a room with insect screens on the windows.
The spokesperson from the leading blind supplier in Perth stated, "Today, LUXAFLEX[R] Window Styling offers the most comprehensive portfolio of custom-made window covering solutions including indoor blinds, insect screens, and outdoor screens and awnings, to beautifully complement any personal style, interior design, and type of window."
Brio's suite of products includes door hardware systems and accessories for interior sliding and folding doors; Weatherfold exterior folding doors; straight-sliding, top-hung doors; straight-sliding, bottom-roller doors; and retractable insect screens.
The hospital was told to dust flying insect screens and "thoroughly clean all surfaces, fixtures, fittings and equipment".
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Fitting houses with good insect screens, light-proof curtains and yellow light (which do not attract insects)