inside casing

inside casing, interior casing

inside casing
The inside trim around the interior of a door or window frame.
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23 including pushing of 250mm (od) hdpe carrier water pipe line inside casing pipe and interconnection to the existing pipe line in palacole municipality.
design and supply of casing pipe, taking all necessary approvals and arrangements for safe execution of work ,Supply of all required materials other than free issue carrier plpe,Ttransportation of materials welding &lesting of plpes heat tubes Jointing ,testing and cable puling weld joint insulation inserting carner pipe inside casing pipe pulling of pipes through bore hole.
Space for keeping a small form factor CPU inside casing f.
Tenders are invited for Supply, installation, Testing and commissioning of high resolution Dome colour & Day Night Camera, 5-50 mm Varifocal Lens, Mounting Bracket, Compitable 12V SMPS, * Channel StandAlone DVR, BNC connector, Netgear Router, Layiong of Power & Video cable inside casing & conduit pipe etc.
For existing casings, develop an ECDA methodology for carrier pipes inside casings.