inside chimney

interior chimney

A chimney that is built within the walls of a structure; often categorized according to its location, for example, an end chimney; compare with exterior chimney.
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Tenders are invited for Work Contract for providing Opening to RCC Chimney, removing fly ash and repairing of hopper inside Chimney of Unit 4 during AOH
He had been working with guiacol, a compound that was found in creosote, the black oily guck that builds up inside chimney flues as a result of incomplete burning of wood or coal.
The company will provide English Heritage with video images from inside chimney flues and other shafts as part of a pounds 5m project to help reverse falling visitor numbers at the castle.
The colder the chimney flue, the more the creosote accumulates, so we wanted an inside chimney.
Last year "swarm collectors" from Huddersfield and District Beekeepers' Association (HDBKA) received 200 calls from members of the public to remove bees that had settled in places such as trees, the sides of buildings and inside chimneys.
The cleaning equipment is designed to give sweeps access along walls, into corners, onto ledges, or into other hard-to-reach areas inside chimneys.