inside lining

inside casing, interior casing

inside casing
The inside trim around the interior of a door or window frame.
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Tenders are invited for Supply of Ceramic tiles for inner cone inside lining of classifier of Ball tube mills for Stage-III/Dr.
IT COULD BE A cervical erosion, where the inside lining of the cervix swells so that it covers the outer surface.
According to Entertainment Weekly, which says that the pair has some 'one-of-a-kind touches', "the inside lining reads '#7 Judy Garland' and the leather soles are painted red on the bottom".
The furniture and bedding industry uses these products for pocket springs, inside lining, bottom cloth, carpet backing.
ENDOCARDITIS is an infection of the inside lining of the heart or heart valves.
I decided to keep the outside of the bags simple, saving the printed fabric for the inside lining.
The ultrasound revealed that 37 percent of lupus patients, but only 15 percent of the control group, had small atherosclerotic plaques along the inside lining of the carotid arteries.
The Coveralls feature a zip-off insulated hood; side leg zippers to the waist; five deep pockets; a two-way front zipper; and a soft, taffeta nylon inside lining.
The surgery revealed that Zamano's popliteal artery was obstructed by a tear of the intima (the inside lining of the artery).
Before they can cause infections, bacteria must first adhere to the inside lining of the urinary tract.
Tenders are invited for Supply and application of protective coating on inside lining and structures of tank 257 t01 a during m i in pta etp at panipat refinery and petrochemical complex.
Tenders are invited for Gumboot Black Colour Full Rubber One Piece Compression Moulded With Inside Lining To Is: 15298 Part-Ii 2011, Iso-20345: 2004 Size No.