inside stop

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inside stop, bead stop, inner bead, stop bead, window bead, window stop

In a double-hung window, a strip of wood fixed to the casing, along the inner edge of the inner sash; restricts the motion of the sash to a vertical plane.
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The woman then fled from the bank, which is inside Stop & Shop Supermarket.
Piper is accused of robbing the Citizens Bank inside Stop & Shop at Westborough Plaza, Lyman Street, Westboro, on Aug.
According to police, a white man in his 30s or 40s wearing a green baseball cap, glasses, a T-shirt and jeans entered the Citizens Bank inside Stop & Shop at the Westborough Plaza about noon Sunday and handed the teller a note demanding cash.
Fit the two laminae outside the stops B, C, and D and inside stops A and E.
One huge section opens up entirely, with tables outside and no clear line of where inside stops and outside begins.
Wait until the water level inside stops rising (until then it may be impossible to open a door or window).
I've spotted girls I fancy but before I even get to say hello, something inside stops me.