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1. Psychol
a. the capacity for understanding one's own or another's mental processes
b. the immediate understanding of the significance of an event or action
2. Psychiatry the ability to understand one's own problems, sometimes used to distinguish between psychotic and neurotic disorders


A simulation and modelling language especially for health care problems.

["Simulation Modeling with INSIGHT", S.D. Roberts Proc 1983 Winter Sim Conf, S.D. Roberts et al eds, pp.7-16].


(1) See CA-Insight and Lawson Insight.

(2) Being able to understand a situation at a greater depth than most people.
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I had become entirely free from insight, from my abnormal cognizance of any other consciousness than my own, and instead of intruding involuntarily into the world of other minds, was living continually in my own solitary future.
I turned my eyes from her with a horrible dread lest my insight should return, and I should be obliged to see what had been breeding about two unloving women's hearts.
In connection with the proposed transaction, Digital Insight has filed a definitive proxy statement and other relevant materials with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC").
The easy-to-hit Insight BUL Fairway Wood, constructed of an innovative combination of a one-piece titanium cup face and crown, power-brazed to a stainless steel chassis, produces the hottest ball flight in its class.
Network Physics, the leader in real-time application performance insight, today announced the new NetSensory Solution Insight for VoIP, which integrates VoIP call quality metrics into the more than 60 network and application performance metrics already offered by NetSensory application performance appliances.
With the acquisition, Intuit will be able to combine work flows in its financial management tools with online banking capability offered by Digital Insight to create new, easier, and better-value offerings for consumers and small businesses.
These changes are part of Insight's plan to effectively and quickly integrate its hardware and software businesses worldwide, allowing Insight to solidify its value proposition as a trusted advisor of IT solutions and present a more robust offering into global markets where Software Spectrum already has an established footprint.
Spotfire, the information insight company, is a leading provider of enterprise analytics software that helps professionals quickly discover new and actionable insights in information.
The Video Insight surveillance system now provides the Task Manager which is a scripting language that automates multi-step tasks on specified events.
Insight Midwest Holdings, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Insight Midwest, LP.
With INSIGHT XI and its unified Business Objects and Crystal Reports platform, commercial real estate executives can monitor the complete financial status of their operations with ease, analyzing data at any level, from an overview down to intricate detail.
As the leading online banking provider, Digital Insight continues to arm our clients with the on-demand capabilities they need to compete and win," said Digital Insight Director of Product Management Michal Geller.