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1. Psychol
a. the capacity for understanding one's own or another's mental processes
b. the immediate understanding of the significance of an event or action
2. Psychiatry the ability to understand one's own problems, sometimes used to distinguish between psychotic and neurotic disorders
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A simulation and modelling language especially for health care problems.

["Simulation Modeling with INSIGHT", S.D. Roberts Proc 1983 Winter Sim Conf, S.D. Roberts et al eds, pp.7-16].
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(1) See CA-Insight and Lawson Insight.

(2) Being able to understand a situation at a greater depth than most people.
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My insight into the minds of those around me was becoming dimmer and more fitful, and the ideas that crowded my double consciousness became less and less dependent on any personal contact.
I had become entirely free from insight, from my abnormal cognizance of any other consciousness than my own, and instead of intruding involuntarily into the world of other minds, was living continually in my own solitary future.
I turned my eyes from her with a horrible dread lest my insight should return, and I should be obliged to see what had been breeding about two unloving women's hearts.
Charlotte alone she was sure of--Charlotte, whose exterior concealed so much insight and love.
She had an exquisite tact and insight in relation to all points of manners; but the people she lived among were blunderers and busybodies.
You have brains and you have insight. For that reason I have been with you a little outspoken,--for that reason and another which I think you know of.
These disturbances may be the neural basis of AVHs.[1] In addition, insight, which is another core characteristic of schizophrenia, has been associated with treatment compliance, relapses, long-term outcomes, and global functioning ability.
Holography News[R] readers may remember (HN January 2016) that OpSec InSight provides brand owners and governments with end-to-end visibility of supply chain and distribution operations of their products' life cycle, from conception to consumer.
Asa Hutchinson and Conway Mayor Tab Townsell joined Insight U.S.
OpSec InSight will provide brand owners and governments with end-to-end visibility into the supply chain and distribution operations of their products' life cycle, from conception to consumer.