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(48.) For an excellent analysis of inspection panel complaints through 2004, see Bradlow (2005); see also Likosky (2006).
Several Nigerian communities filed a formal claim in late April with the inspection panel of the World Bank in Washington alleging damages caused by the West African Gas Pipeline.
Runners-up Neath were then offered the spot and the league's grounds inspection panel visited Llandarcy Park on Thursday but discovered there is much more work to be done to get it to meet the criteria for entrance.
The case went to the Inspection Panel, an independent body within the Bank that is generally respected for reviewing compliance with the Bank's own policies, though it has no actual enforcement power and its opinions remain secret.
Demanding Accountability: Civil-Society Claims and the World Bank Inspection Panel Edited by Dana Clark, Jonathan Fox and Kay Treakle New York: Rowman & Littlefield, 2003
As a response to civil society critiques of environmental destruction and rights violations by its projects, the World Bank set up an Inspection Panel in 1994 to investigate claims from directly affected people.
An inspection panel including representatives from the Hunter Foundation, the Executive, education inspectors, Cosla and the EIS teaching union will visit all candidate schools before the final choice is made.
The inspection panel found a small number of minar non-conformances which were easily corrected, after which Paragon was certified as being a food production company of the highest possible standard, automatically according it British Retail Consortium Accreditation.
With smoke starting to billow, SSgt Salisbury looked into the bay through an inspection panel and saw the AMAD bay was now on fire in the area of the right utility hydraulic pump.
Under pressure and with the threat of an inspection panel claim, the FCP was partially suspended last September.
The afternoon will see animals of all ages showing off their skills and several younger dogs will be put through the Society's inspection panel to be assessed on their suitability for breeding.
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