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The new partnership between Commvault and INFINIDAT provides customers with the opportunityto installCommvault IntelliSnap A , a technology solution that makes snapshots more valuable and effective at protecting and recovering data,in conjunction with InfiniSnap,INFINIDAT's solution that offers instantaneous recovery without any performance and time impact to an application.
In keeping with this constant AoIP innovation, ruby introduces full dual-network redundancy, with instantaneous recovery from any network fault.
Moreover, recovery characteristics of European airports are then given by analyzing two weeks of traffic data to understand the sensitivity of the nominal recovery characteristics to the instantaneous recovery characteristics under disturbances.
The removal of the load gave rise to an instantaneous recovery followed by partial recovery with time and still left some unrecovered extension.
Double-Take RecoverNow for AIX (formerly known as EchoStream) is a true continuous data protection solution that delivers nearly instantaneous recovery of your applications and data at the push of a button.
Continuous Data Protection for AIX, from Vision Solutions, provides true CDP for nearly instantaneous recovery of applications and data at the push of a button.
No, there wasn't an instantaneous recovery; you simply experienced The Bump--a rapid short-term market expansion.
Kruger also liked the solution's ability to protect SQL, Exchange and Windows File Server applications and data through an approach that captures and indexes all data events, creating a virtualized data store that allows instantaneous recovery to any point in time.
Will this traditional application survive the increasing demands for ultra-high availability and the need for nearly instantaneous recovery?
This can be achieved, but the systems needed to provide near-zero downtime, almost total resilience and instantaneous recovery are either expensive or require investment in technologies, such as grid, that have yet to gain widespread acceptance within the enterprise.
In order to understand the phenomena of the instantaneous recovery and time-dependent post-recovery of forged parts, direct upsetting experiments were also carried out to characterize forging-related mechanical behavior.
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