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(1) A compendium of laws embracing a particular area of community arrangements.

(2) The most general designation for higher educational establishments—for example, major institutes such as the Azerbaijan Institute of Petroleum and Chemistry and institutes in various fields of national economy such as aviation institutes.

(3) The name for certain scientific research institutes and design organizations.

(4) Education and methodology institutions that are part of the system for improving the qualifications of specialists, for example, institutes for improving qualifications and institutes for advanced teacher training.

(5) A special type of pedagogical institution, for example, teachers’ institutes.

(6) In pre-revolutionary Russia a closed, privileged women’s secondary educational institution, for example, the Smol’nyi Institute.

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This presence will help garner exposure for the Instituters financial literacy campaigns with legislators, regulators, the media and others.
Helen Mirren can be seen in Calendar Girls with Julie Walters in a tale about Women Instituters getting naked to make a raunchy calendar, and Ewan McGregor can be seen in Young Adam, a Brit thriller based on the Alexander Trocchi novel.
Garfield is the primary contact for the AFFI membership on technical topics and the Instituters staff expert on technical and regulatory issues that impact the frozen food industry.

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