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1, of the instructions to bidders should be followed, which says: "A bidder shall not have conflict of interest; all those found to have conflict of interest shall be disqualified," as per DOTC legal opinion in a memorandum dated December 16, 2013.
In his letter to Shamirzayan, Biazon said: "We are pleased to notify you that your bid, dated 22nd March 2013, re: the Development and Implementation of the Integrated Philippine (Computer) System Project for the total contract price of P418,032,496.98 in accordance with the instructions to bidders is hereby accepted."
Hence the value of competitive solicitations based on requests for proposals (RFP) that contain detailed specifications and instructions to bidders.
ECRIspec provides terms and conditions, instructions to bidders, request for proposals, and technical requirements for more than 1,000 types of medical equipment and devices.

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