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US and Canadian a university teacher ranking below assistant professor



(in Russian, prepodavatel’), a term used in the USSR in its broad sense to denote a staff member of a higher, secondary specialized, vocational, or general-education school who teaches an academic subject; in its narrow sense the term designates a staff position in higher, secondary, and vocational educational institutions.

At higher educational institutions a senior instructor who is usually a candidate of sciences performs the work of a docent. As a rule, the position of instructor is provided for in subdepart-ments where much emphasis is placed on practice or drill, as in subdepartments of foreign languages, physical education, and sports. At higher educational institutions senior instructors and instructors are hired on a competitive basis, whereas at secondary specialized and vocational educational institutions they are appointed by the director when a vacancy occurrs. At general-education schools instructors are called teachers.

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We study instructor effectiveness at UPX in a required undergraduate mathematics course for BA-seeking students, College Mathematics I (Math I, known internally at UPX as MTH/208).
For many students, their decision to participate in class is linked to their impressions of instructor credibility, attractiveness, and homophily.
This report will be very useful for the new students to know about the instructor, also identify the quality of service.
November/Sonoma State University Wine Business Program--Managing Performance of Tasting Room Employees, instructor Wendy Bruce, Nov.
Usually, a student then will make a mistake that gets the attention of the instructor, who will reduce the box to an appropriate size.
For over ten years, the author has been involved in a series of projects striving to improve university education, which convinced her that the active participation by learners and instructors is important in this respect, and that this type of bottom-up approach could be a driving force in reforming higher education in Japan.
Student attitudes are driven by the level of interaction with the instructor and can affect their satisfaction with the course.
After one last push, the instructors would call an end to all work and rate the apprentices' craftsmanship, choosing top performers in the four-year millwrighting, floor covering, interior systems and carpentry programs, and in the five-year cabinetmaking program.
LEARNERS are being warned to beware of bogus driving instructors who could be taking them for a ride in more ways than one.
However, an instructor or other trainer can explain to students how the use of an authoritative verbal response of "No
Omani Colonel, Assistant Resource Advisor of the Ministry of Defense, presents a plaque to DISAM instructor on the behalf of the ministry.
You should always make a point of finding out whether the instructor is fully qualified or still a trainee.

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