instrument departure procedure

instrument departure procedure (DP)

A pre-planned instrument flight rule (IFR) air traffic control departure procedure printed for pilot use in graphic and/or textural form. DPs provide a transition from the terminal to the approach en route structure.
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According to Chapter 5, Section 2, Instrument Departure Procedures, there's guaranteed obstacle clearance when "crossing the departure end of the runway at least 35 feet above the departure end of runway elevation, climbing to 400 feet above the departure end of runway elevation before making the initial turn, and maintaining a minimum climb gradient of 200 feet per nautical mile" unless otherwise specified.
"As a result of our runway extension we are required to design new Standard Instrument Departure procedures for aircraft to follow when departing to the south.
The National Transportation Safety Board determined the probable cause of this accident to include: "The pilot's failure to follow the published instrument departure procedures during the climb to cruise, and loss of control in instrument meteorological conditions.
I reviewed the instrument approach chart to confirm the proximity of terrain, noting the non-standard instrument departure procedures (indicated by the T-in-triangle symbol at the upper left of the chart).

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