instrument landing system

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instrument landing system

[′in·strə·mənt ¦lan·diŋ ‚sis·təm]
A system of radio navigation which provides lateral and vertical guidance, as well as other navigational parameters required by a pilot in a low approach or a landing. Abbreviated ILS.
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instrument landing system (ILS)

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A radio aid to navigation intended to facilitate aircraft in landing. It provides lateral and vertical guidance to the optimum point of landing. The various components of an instrument landing system are the localizer, which guides the aircraft to the centerline of the runway; a glide-slope transmitter, which guides the aircraft along the required glide path; outer and inner markers, which indicate to the aircraft that it is passing overhead them; and the airport lighting system.
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The Allama Iqbal International Airport (AIIAP) has become the first airport in the country and second in South Asia where the latest instrument landing system (ILS) CAT III-B has been installed to improve visibility during fog season, said a press statement issued by PCCA.
Instrument landing systems transmit navigation signals from the ground to aircraft for assistance during landings.
The Category III Instrument Landing System projects an image on a special screen in front of a pilot called a "head-up display." The image provides altitude, heading, speed and other information.
He said: ``The introduction of an Instrument Landing System is something for which I have pressed and which I am sure my constituents will welcome.
Checks ruled out ground interference and problems with the instrument landing system.
The project will include the following components: construction of a new airport including but not limited to, runway and associated earthworks, drainage works, paving, terminal building, control tower, cargo handling facilities and instrument landing system:
Microwave landing systems represent a tremendous potential market for the microwave industry since the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has adopted MLS as a replacement for the outdated instrument landing system. MLS will become the ICAO standard in January 1998.
Transport Minister Anthony Loke posted a short video on his Facebook page last night explaining Malaysia's move to reclaim its southern airspace over Johor and its objection to the Instrument Landing System (ILS) at Singapore's Seletar Airport.
Apart from these, the flight also witnessed the malfunctioning of all three of its Instrument Landing System (ILS) receivers on board the jet.
All towers are custom manufactured, based on the height and deflection requirements of the customer airport's instrument landing system. Pollite says its small surface area and lightweight glassfibre structure provides excellent environmental performance, and limits any electromagnetic interference.
Gordon said he had proposed a P540-million appropriation for the rehabilitation of the SBIA, including the upgrading of vital equipment like radar and instrument landing system.

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