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in the grammar of certain languages (e.g., Russian), the casecase,
in language, one of the several possible forms of a given noun, pronoun, or adjective that indicates its grammatical function (see inflection); in inflected languages it is usually indicated by a series of suffixes attached to a stem, as in Latin amicus,
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 referring to means or instrument. The Latin ablativeablative
[Lat.,=carrying off], in Latin grammar, the case used in a number of circumstances, particularly with certain prepositions and in locating place or time. The term is also used in the grammar of some languages (e.g., Sanskrit, Finnish) for a case of separation, e.g.
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 may in some instances be termed instrumental.


a piece of music composed for instruments rather than for voices
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Instrumental Composition: ``Ada Plays,'' Gabriel Yared, from ``Cold Mountain - Soundtrack''; ``Buleria, Solea Y Rumba,'' Maria Schneider, from ``Concert in the Garden''; ``Merengue,'' Paquito D'Rivera, from ``Obrigado Brazil - Live in Concert''; ``Past Present and Future,'' Slide Hampton, from ``The Way - Music of Slide Hampton''; ``Three Romances,'' Maria Schneider.
Coming out remains easier outside the realm of instrumental performance.
Ornamentation is treated differently in vocal and instrumental parts.
I am also excited to have Raja on board -- he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the local market which will be instrumental to our success.
It is not difficult to identify how the aforementioned flow-promoting conditions might apply specifically to instrumental musicians.
There is no other institution like MoCCA, and this expansion will enable more exhibitions and community outreach programs, through which both children and adults can learn how instrumental the cartoon art form has been in society.
Grammy connection: Nominated for jazz instrumental album for ``Think Tank'' (Blue Note) and jazz instrumental solo for ``Africa.
a company in which he was instrumental in building and operating the company to become the largest domestic manufacturer of specialty Christmas ornaments.
To colpoperineorrafia (fixation of the pelvic floor and neck of the uterus) - Quantity: 2 / Lot No 55 set adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy instrumental - number: 1 / Lot No.
Type of participants: All instrumental, voice and ensembles.
A whirlwind of emotions were on display this weekend, as musicians deftly stirred memories with their evocative instrumental melodies.

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