Insulating board

insulating board

[′in·sə‚lād·iŋ ‚bȯrd]
Any board used in a wall or ceiling to provide insulation.

Insulating board

Any board suitable for insulating purposes, usually manufactured from vegetable fibers.

board insulation, insulating board, insulation board

Rigid or semirigid thermal insulation having a thickness small in comparison to other dimensions; density usually about 4 to 16 lb per cu ft (64 to 256 kg per cu m); low structural strength.
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Newcastle Magistrates' Court heard Simpson, trading as Dun N Dusted, quoted the resident PS900 to remove an asbestos insulating board ceiling in his garage, which usually costs PS3,000.
We also induct Albert Hanson, the German inventor who first described the lamination of a foil conductor to an insulating board, and British engineer Arthur Berry, who in 1913 patented a print-and-etch method.
The effectiveness of insulation of the external walls depends on many factors (Pikutis, Seduikyte 2006; Nikitin, Lapko 2006): the cost of thermal renovation, adhesive joint strength (concrete/thermal insulating board), thermal transmittance of thermal insulating board (perpendicular to its surface), compressive strength of the mix used in reinforcing, strength of adhesion between the concrete mix used in reinforcing and thermal insulating board, tensile strength of reinforcing fabric, compressive strength of textured finish, water absorption of textured finish, strength of adhesion between textured finish and concrete; the value of the force required to extract the pin fixing a thermal insulating board to solid materials, warranty period, service life, time of work execution.
Solid wall insulation is more involved, but if you're decorating then look into dry-lining the walls with insulating board.
A team at Shanghai Jiao Tong University believe that PCBs are an ideal target for recycling and reuse since they are self-contained modules of interconnected electronic components formed by a thin layer of conducting material deposited on the surface of an insulating board.
Material attached to ceiling joists were shown on analysis to be asbestos insulating board," he said.
Line of fluorochemical blowing agents includes Formacel Z-2 (HFC-152a), FDA approved for use in PS food service and packaging foams; Formacel S (HCFC-22) used in closed-cell polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams; and Formacel Z-4 (HFC134a) for polyurethane systems and appliance foams, and in PS insulating board.
The lining then becomes known as composite lining, which typically consists of a hot face castable material, a backup brick, an insulating fire brick and insulating board or paper.
From the peanut he made cheese, milk, coffee, flour, shampoo, axle grease, pickles, ink, dyes, soap, wood stains, and insulating board, to name but a few of his 300 products.
Before then, the domestic suppliers of insulating board included mainly the Rogers Corp.
Depending on the application, an insulating board that measures 3' x 3' x .
Asbestos insulating board and asbestos cement are the most common materials found typically as roofing or cladding, suspended ceilings, partitioning and as fire protection in service spaces.