insulin shock

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insulin shock:

see hyperinsulinismhyperinsulinism,
presence in the system of an above-normal amount of insulin, the substance secreted by the pancreas and needed by the body to utilize sugar. An increased amount of insulin in the body results in below-normal amounts of sugar in the system, giving rise to such
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insulin shock

[′in·sə·lən ¦shäk]
Clinical manifestation of hypoglycemia due to excess amounts of insulin in the blood.
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I knew that I had to act fast before I went into insulin shock.
From then on, because he's rich, he was assaulted by whatever treatment was at the leading edge of American psychiatry: insulin shock, cold water dousings, being strapped into the Benjamin Rush restraining chair and given emetics and whirled around 'til he puked his guts out, enemas and high colonic irrigations to get it out from the other end--"
Going too long without a meal, engaging in strenuous exercise, or taking too large a dose of insulin can cause glucose to drop, a condition called hypoglycemia, or insulin shock.
With diabetes in America growing at such an alarming pace, it is important that our communities, including law enforcement, are educated and trained about how to identify life-threatening insulin shock and provide the right kind of assistance.

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