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For the import sources, China mainly imports the integrated circuit from East Union, Taiwan and South Korea, the import amounts from these three markets accounting for over 65% of the total import amounts.
1991 Most advanced optoelectronic integrated circuit that combines silicon logic circuitry with a gallium arsenide array of infrared light-emitting diodes
Sam McKay, General Partner at Axiom Venture Partners, added "Alphion is emerging as a leader in photonic integrated circuits.
Founded in 1985 the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in Erlangen, today with 450 staff members, ranks first among the Fraunhofer Institutes concerning headcount and revenues.
Prior to being named president and CEO of Ziptronix, Nyborg served as CEO at JAM Technologies of Boston, where he transformed the company's business model from a provider of intellectual property to a fabless producer of industry-leading digital audio integrated circuits.
freenet's network is proof positive that the Photonic Integrated Circuit is not just a compelling technical idea.
Our unique technology when combined with our high voltage integrated circuit capability now offers customers cost effective solutions in many new areas such as medical imaging, printers, displays, test equipment, power management and other high voltage applications.
The IBM technique is one of severalmethods now being developed for measuring the characteristics of high-speed integrated circuits.
In recent years, the growth speed of Chinese integrated circuit industry has exceeded the growth speed of Chinese electronic information manufacturing industry and the global integrated circuit industry.
Sear joined Integrated Circuit Systems last February as senior vice president, moving to president and COO on August 1.
Automatic Assertion Generation for Functional Validation of Integrated Circuits
The team at WiLinx consists of world-class wireless and computing industry experts, including RF CMOS innovators from the Integrated Circuits and Systems Laboratory (ICSL) at UCLA.

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