integrated graphics

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integrated graphics

Placing the computer's display circuitry in the chipset on the motherboard or on the same chip as the CPU. Integrated graphics shares memory with the CPU (see shared video memory) and provides a more economical alternative to the stand-alone card, known as "discrete graphics" or "dedicated graphics." Integrated graphics can be non-programmable or programmable and even include a graphics processing unit (see GPU).

Upgrade from Integrated to Discrete
Integrated graphics is more than adequate for the average user. However, discrete graphics are especially desired by gamers who constantly want more realistic visualization. Desktop computers can be upgraded from integrated to discrete by plugging a graphics card (display adapter) into an empty PCI Express or PCI slot on the motherboard. The integrated graphics is then disabled by changing a setting in the BIOS or by changing a jumper on the motherboard. See GPU, display adapter and integrated GPU.

Graphics Hardware Locations
In a PC, graphics rendering originally took place in the CPU only. Over time, functions were offloaded to separate circuits and then to GPUs either in separate cards, the chipset or the CPU chip itself.
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It is aimed at buyers who want a budget system with integrated graphics.
For a period of time, between 2010 and 2012 there will be three choices for graphics available: traditional discrete GPUs mounted on add-in boards and/or the motherboard, integrated graphics processor (IGP) chipsets, and processors with embedded graphics.
In particular, we were delighted to see such enthusiasm for our first ever overclocking competition for integrated graphics.
By introducing the industry's first AMD-based DirectX 9 chipset with integrated graphics, AMD Athlon 64 processor-based RADEON XPRESS systems provide a very attractive proposition to extend new value to the consumer and commercial desktop," said Marty Seyer, corporate vice president, AMD's Microprocessor Business Unit, Computation Products Group.
Integrated graphics are used in desktop and net top PCs, notebooks and netbooks, and various embedded systems such as point of sale, set-top boxes, and signage systems.
2 GHz platform using AMD M780G, ATI Mobility Radeon[TM] HD 3200 integrated graphics and ATI Mobility Radeon[TM] HD 3650, 2GB DDR2-800, Windows Vista SP1, and ATI Catalyst 8.
ATI is continuing to raise the bar in the integrated graphics space with performance-leading products such as the RADEON 9100 IGP," said Philip Eisler, Vice President and General Manager, Mobile and Integrated, ATI Technologies Inc.
New integrated graphics with up to 256 MB of HyperMemory5 performance enabling excellent entertainment and casual gaming experiences
Navy with integrated graphics and radar scan-conversion hardware to support this display application.
2006 on OptiPlex 745 with Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 CPU, 1GB DDR2 (dual channel) memory, 80GB 7200 SATA HDD, Intel GMA3000 integrated graphics and XP Pro SP2 OS, compared with the OptiPlex GX620 with Intel Pentium D 830 CPU, 1GB DDR2 (dual channel) memory, 80GB 7200 SATA HDD, Intel GMA950 integrated graphics, and XP Pro SP2 OS.
NASDAQ:ATYT) (TSX:ATY) has announced that the RADEON IGP 320M, the world's most powerful and feature-rich integrated graphics processor for the mobile AMD Athlon processor platform, has been selected by Fujitsu Siemens Computers for their AMILO A Series consumer notebook.
The RADEON 7000 and RADEON 7500 provide business and home consumers with an array of step-up features over integrated graphics solutions including industry leading DVD playback, up to 64MB of dedicated DDR graphics memory, and advanced 3D and 2D graphics acceleration.

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