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Intelligence Service


the collective term for the network of intelligence and counterintelligence agencies in Great Britain.

This network includes the Secret Intelligence Service, which is the central agency for intelligence; the Security Service, which is the central agency for counterintelligence; and the intelligence and counterintelligence agencies of various departments. The coordinating body for the intelligence services is the Joint Intelligence Committee under the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The general direction of intelligence activity is carried out by the government. The British Intelligence Service, whose creation dates back to the late 15th and early 16th centuries, operates by means of highly sophisticated methods, often resorting to organized conspiracies, terrorist actions, bribery, blackmail, political provocations, and ideological subversion. The main efforts of the Intelligence Service, which are closely coordinated with the intelligence agencies of the other NATO powers, are directed above all against the USSR and the other socialist countries, against the national liberation and democratic movement, and against progressive organizations in Great Britain.

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The nine suspects were picked up after Jawad revealed his links with them during investigation conducted by the intelligence agency.
In a separate interview, Peter Galvez, DND spokesperson, told the Inquirer by phone that assessment of the viability of a Defense Intelligence Agency began even before the Aquino administration.
Thayanithi has dispatched an urgent telegram to the Commissioner of Elections Mahinda Deshapriya urging him to interfere and stop forthwith the involvement of the Indian Intelligence Agency in the Northern Province election.
As the publication observed: "On the same day the President signed the [executive order], Porter Goss resigned as director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
He retired from the Air Force in September 1995 as a lieutenant general after a four-year tour as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.
Director Mueller set up the NJTTF as a national resource in early 2002, seeking to have representation from every federal law enforcement and intelligence agency in one location.
government officials, is Larry Franklin, a veteran Defense Intelligence Agency Iran analyst now working in the office of the Pentagon's number three civilian official, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith.
At the Central Intelligence Agency, workforce diversity is a mission imperative.
The attorney general can nullify domestic surveillance limits on the Central Intelligence Agency, for example, by obtaining a FISA wiretap where probable cause cannot be shown but the person is a suspected foreign government agent.
A prevailing theory among Indonesians is that the Central Intelligence Agency may have been responsible--an accusation American officials say they find absurd and offensive.
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) collects information around the world about threats to the U.
The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), through its Joint Intelligence Virtual Architecture program, provides military and other federal intelligence agencies with on-line collaboration and knowledge-management technologies.

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