intelligent agent

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intelligent agent

[in¦tel·ə·jənt ′ā·jənt]
(industrial engineering)
A computing hardware- or software-based system that operates without the direct intervention of humans or other agents, examples include robots, smart sensors, and Web-search software agents.
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A software routine that waits in the background and performs an action when a specified event occurs. For example, agents could transmit a summary file on the first day of the month or monitor incoming data and alert the user when a certain transaction has arrived. Agents are also called "intelligent agents," "personal agents" and "bots." See mobile agent, bot and workflow.
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Thus, the addition of a learning companion in the form of an intelligent agent can positively contribute to the learning process as contributing to the personal cognitive formulations of the task at hand.
In the next step of this project we want to extend area above economical systems by researching reliability optimisation for these systems by using intelligent agents. This method is possible to extend to social systems, where it can possible to simulate social group behaviour, by using one agent for any person or subgroup from studied social group (Ciotea, V.
An energy trading company provides a good example of how intelligent agents are used.
Together with intelligent agents, the possibility of effective control over digital information comes closer to reality.
Online innovators like Knight-Ridder and Dow Jones now offer low-priced intelligent agent services.
For the first time in known human history, there could be an intelligent agent with the same intellectual power as we have.Would such a being be self-conscious or have self-awareness?
The two suspects are intelligent agent aides of the Office for Transportation Security assigned at the arrival entrance gate of Naia Terminal 3.
We put the intelligent agent software in the cloud and created a way to get sensor data from wearable sensors, in-home sensors, "out and about sensors" on the cell phone.
Roughly speaking, the weak notion of an intelligent agent defines them as a hardware or software-based computer system with the following properties: (a) autonomy (they behave without the direct intervention of humans, and have some degree of control over their actions and internal state); (b) social ability (they interact with other agents and humans by employing some kind of agent communication language); (c) reactivity (they perceive the environment that surrounds them, it may be the natural, physical world or a virtual environment represented in a graphical user interface) and (d) pro-activeness (they are able to show goal-oriented behaviors by taking the initiative).
Divided into two main parts--algorithms and applications--with the first part covering subjects such as intelligent agent and decision support systems, cutting-edge work on swarm intelligence, machine learning and neural networks, algorithms for human-machine interaction, pattern recognition and decision support systems.
The first time an AHU, a chiller, or a cooling tower simulation agent receives the time from the SimulationTimer agent, it sets up a "timer" to periodically run an "intelligent agent," henceforth referred to in this article as an "Agent" (with a capital A), that does the identification and optimization.
If such information processing could be shown to be necessarily related to intelligent sources, then we might establish a scientific inference toward an intelligent agent as a causal factor in the origin of life.

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