intelligent terminal

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intelligent terminal

[in′tel·ə·jənt ′ter·mən·əl]
(computer science)
A computer input/output device with its own memory and logic circuits which can perform certain operations normally carried out by the computer. Also known as smart terminal.

intelligent terminal

(or "smart terminal", "programmable terminal") A terminal that often contains not only a keyboard and screen, but also comes with a disk drive and printer, so it can perform limited processing tasks when not communicating directly with the central computer. Some can be programmed by the user to perform many basic tasks, including both arithmetic and logic operations. In some cases, when the user enters data, the data will be checked for errors and some type of report will be produced. In addition, the valid data that is entered may be stored on the disk, it will be transmitted over communication lines to the central computer.

An intelligent terminal may have enough computing capability to draw graphics or to offload some kind of front-end processing from the computer it talks to.

The development of workstations and personal computers has made this term and the product it describes semi-obsolescent, but one may still hear variants of the phrase "act like a smart terminal" used to describe the behaviour of workstations or PCs with respect to programs that execute almost entirely out of a remote server's storage, using said devices as displays.

The term once meant any terminal with an addressable cursor; the opposite of a glass tty. Today, a terminal with merely an addressable cursor, but with none of the more-powerful features mentioned above, is called a dumb terminal.

There is a classic quote from Rob Pike (inventor of the blit terminal): "A smart terminal is not a smart*ass* terminal, but rather a terminal you can educate". This illustrates a common design problem: The attempt to make peripherals (or anything else) intelligent sometimes results in finicky, rigid "special features" that become just so much dead weight if you try to use the device in any way the designer didn't anticipate. Flexibility and programmability, on the other hand, are *really* smart.

Compare hook.

intelligent terminal

A terminal with built-in processing capability, but no local disk or tape storage. It may use a general-purpose CPU or may have specialized circuitry as part of a distributed intelligence system. Contrast with dumb terminal.
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A third level could be accomplished through an interface that services a specific door and is connected to the remote intelligent terminal controller.
The intelligent terminal syncing program establishes access and return mechanisms between equipment and ChinaCache nodes, between equipment, and between equipment and source sites, to realize comprehensive and efficient content scheduling.
As the world's third largest manufacturer of wireless handsets, Samsung is effectively leveraging its advanced Mobile Intelligent Terminal (MITs) devices - the PalmSource OS(R)-based i500, the Microsoft(R) Windows Mobile(TM)-based i600 Smartphone and Microsoft(R) Windows Mobile(TM)-based i700 Pocket PC Phone - as the ideal wireless platforms for corporations to extend their CRM, ERP, SCM and field maintenance applications to all users or selected workforce segments.
Headquartered in Shenzhen with offices worldwide, Zopo Mobile develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of mobile intelligent terminal products, and are renowned for producing China's first Glasses-Free 3D dual-sim smart mobile phone.
The company has also come out with a succession of compact intelligent terminals representing cutting-edge technology.
InfoTM's chips are mainly applicable to multimedia terminals, intelligent terminal, high definition video, and other high-end consumer electronic products.
Candidate brands include leading enterprises in Consumer Electronics industry: Samsung, Apple, ZTE, TCL, Changhong, CEC, Great Wall, BOE, Hisense, Huawei, Lenovo, Haier, LG, etc as well as intelligent terminal brands such as Monster, iPearl, Omate, Logitech, etc.
The intelligent terminal supports Quad band GPRS of Class 10 transmission capability and is integrated with TCP/IP stacks.
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NetSearch's Merchant Notification System (MNS) allows merchants to receive and reply to their on-line requests instantly, via a pager-sized Wireless Intelligent Terminal.
Beside the award ceremony, sponsors also held and IDC and GFK presided over the "International Consumer Electronics Industry Leaders' Summit" and "Global Intelligent Terminal Summit," in which Liu Tibin (Vice Chairman and General Manager of Changhong Group), Liang Qichun (TCL Corporation Assistant President & General Manager of Brand Innovation Center), Zhang Yu (Vice President of BOE Technology Group Co.
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