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a. capable of being apprehended by the mind or intellect alone
b. (in metaphysical systems such as those of Plato or Kant) denoting that metaphysical realm which is accessible to the intellect as opposed to the world of mere phenomena accessible to the senses
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a philosophical term denoting an object or phenomenon comprehended only through reason or intellectual intuition. The sensible, that is, that which is comprehended by means of the senses, is the opposite of the intelligible. The concept of intelligible is widely used in Scholasticism and in the philosophy of I. Kant.

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Plotinus himself assumes that Plato and Aristotle have already established that sensible reality depends on intelligible causes, such that he can focus on investigating the causes' nature and activity.
The ECJ also decided that article 4.2 must be interpreted as meaning that the requirement that a contractual term must be drafted in plain intelligible language requires that, in the case of loan agreements, financial institutions must provide borrowers with sufficient information to enable them to take prudent and well-informed decisions.
Building on over 70 years of breakthrough innovations, today's technology utilizes secure and exceptionally intelligible SIP end-devices to provide solutions in IP intercom, Video Intercom, IP Telephony, and Public Address.
The volume offers a convincing and intelligible argument for Christianity in the modem world, given H.'s knowledge and understanding of theology as dynamics constantly in need of being recreated and renewed.
Fantasy movies deserve fantasy soundtracks, but they need to be intelligible and compelling.
Chapter one, "The Problem of Knowledge and the Greco-Islamic Context of the Unification Argument" provides a historical survey on the issue of the unification of the intellect and the intelligible. Chapter two, "Mulla Sadra's Theory of Knowledge and the Unification Argument" explains Sadra's theory of the unification in the context of Sadra's ontology.
Even on a flat-out rock song such as "Paid in Full" or "Don't Say a Word," everything seems to fit together crisply, and Tony Kakko's vocals, particularly, are clear and intelligible. The tidiness leaves the band nowhere to hide: Each note and chord stands exposed, brazenly inviting scrutiny.
[section] 5 highlights a complication of Aristotle's conception of matter and argues that in H 6 Aristotle understands the genus of a substantial form as intelligible matter, thus allowing intelligible objects like substantial forms to have a hylomorphic structure.
We have extended these capabilities to include voice alarm and messaging, which ensure full crowd safety and evacuation by providing intelligible voice instructions," said Hussam Al Haddad, managing director of Ateis Middle East.
Because, says Sir James Munby, chairman of the Law Commission for England and Wales, "getting rid of statutory deadwood helps to simplify and modernise our law, making it more intelligible."
In an own-initiative report, adopted on 13 March, MEPs state that the current statute is not adapted to the specific needs of cooperative societies in Europe and that it should be revised and made more intelligible.