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a. capable of being apprehended by the mind or intellect alone
b. (in metaphysical systems such as those of Plato or Kant) denoting that metaphysical realm which is accessible to the intellect as opposed to the world of mere phenomena accessible to the senses
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a philosophical term denoting an object or phenomenon comprehended only through reason or intellectual intuition. The sensible, that is, that which is comprehended by means of the senses, is the opposite of the intelligible. The concept of intelligible is widely used in Scholasticism and in the philosophy of I. Kant.

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Caption: The typical school system tends to overlook the obvious needs of the hard of hearing child because the child can speak intelligibly and wears hearing aids, which are assumed will promote normal hearing.
Nevertheless, scientists and mathematicians have always had requirements to publish this material professionally and intelligibly, and Price explains some of the adaptations that were first invoked in the world of metal type and then eventually in the digital sphere with the innovations of people such as Donald Ervin Knuth.
Several portraits are reminiscent of the expositional episodes found early in detective novels, in which a dramatic moment is put on pause to give enough context for the rest of the plot to unfold intelligibly. Here, however, since only a couple are longer than a dozen pages, there is no room for denouement.
"Questions of correctness or incorrectness apply to judgments that are intelligibly empirical--that is, about the world--only against the background of a vast range of facts that come into view with our acquisition of knowledge." (383) "The idea of proving our system of judgments to be correct is seen to depend on the idea of a gap between empirical judgment and the world." (387) Realising this, according to Wittgenstein and McGinn, we can simply refuse to open the gap.
One is to "speak postmodernism" intelligibly, in personally relevant ways as part of a conversation among human beings.
Some of them are even scanned using OCR to turn them into a text form, but they are unreadable because OCR technology cannot intelligibly read these old works and convert them into modern English.
The makeshift table on the pitch they substitute for a studio resembles the aftermath of an eviction and if the smug and complacent Robbie Savage should utter anything intelligibly remotely original or of any consequence then that will be a welcome first.
Would the editor be kind enough to disclose the 'identity' of his only intelligibly humorous writer who enthralls with a unique style of playing/flirting with words and sentences while choosing equally hilarious subjects?
Progressive high frequency extension adds clarity and intelligibly to music, while its bass and treble controls allow music to be custom tuned.
That's if she's understood the intricacies of the situation and can actually articulate it intelligibly to somebody anyway.
The model now is one of communicative intelligibility - being able to communicate your message intelligibly."
As a result of his injuries, the boy is unable to walk or speak intelligibly, is legally blind and partially paralyzed on his left side and in need of additional surgery, according to the assistant district attorney.