interactive development environment

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interactive development environment

(programming, tool)
(IDE, integrated development environment) A system for supporting the process of writing software. Such a system may include a syntax-directed editor, graphical tools for program entry, and integrated support for compiling and running the program and relating compilation errors back to the source.

Such systems are typically both interactive and integrated, hence the ambiguous acronym. They are interactive in that the developer can view and alter the execution of the program at the level of statements and variables. They are integrated in that, partly to support the above interaction, the source code editor and the execution environment are tightly coupled, e.g. allowing the developer to see which line of source code is about to be executed and the current values of any variables it refers to.

Examples include Visual C++ and Visual Basic.
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Developers can make changes in Versata 6 rules and dynamically run and update debugged code in the application server, providing a fully interactive development environment.
ArtinSoft's new Freedom(R) Migration Studio for PL/SQL to T-SQL provides an interactive development environment to extract the PL/SQL code from the Oracle database and automatically convert it to Transact-SQL (T-SQL) for SQL Server.
LITHIUM Developer contains the VBA Interactive Development Environment (IDE), in addition to all LITHIUM Base functionality.
For more graphically oriented users Absoft will support XL Fortran from within our Interactive Development Environment (IDE) in its next release, providing OSX users with maximum ease of development and the fastest executing code possible for the Macintosh.
The Oracle/Corel solution brings together the strengths of a strong XML data-management platform with a rich, interactive development environment.
By connecting the PICDEM 4 Demonstration Board to an MPLAB ICD 2, a designer can develop, simulate, debug and download code to the microcontroller using Microchip's powerful graphical MPLAB Interactive Development Environment (IDE).
Earlier this year, SAS and Sun announced compatibility between SAS' interactive development environment product AppDev Studio(TM) and the Java(TM) 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition, (J2EE(TM)).

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