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A layer located between layers of different character.
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the appearance of new structures and processes in an already formed life system. Examples of intercalation are the articulation of new stages alongside already existing ones in the process of individual development, the formation of secondary venules between the main ones in the wings of insects, and the formation of additional silica in diatomaceous algae.

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We report on the modification of pre-baked clay with sodium and potassium hydroxides at 150 , 500 and 700 o C to get thermally stable intercalates.
The TG-DTA curves obtained in case of original as well as clay-NaOH and clay-KOH intercalates heated at 150, 500 and 750 o C, are provided in Figs.
It is observed that the mass loss in case of original sample is less than the mass losses observed in case of intercalates prepared at 150 o C.
The mass loss observed in case of both intercalates is quite significant.
Thus, it is inferred from the results that intercalates resulted from clay treated with NaOH gained thermal stability.
Similarly, the mass losses in case of intercalates observed at 500 and 750 o C are also quit lower than the mass losses observed in case of original clay.
2 and 3 show the DTA curves of the clay-NaOH and clay-KOH intercalates preheated at 150 o C.
In the context of a liquid metallic hydrogen model [2, 3], non-hydrogen elements reside in the layers between hydrogen hexagonal planes forming an intercalate arrangement (see Fig.
A trigger finally turned the intercalate rapidly into the gaseous phase resulting in a red giant.
Hydrogen is confined to its hexagonal planes and all other elements to the intercalate positions between the hydrogen planes.
Furthermore, exfoliation in graphite intercalate compounds [44] has profound consequences, regarding stellar structure and behavior.
Table 1 Considered host minerals, guests intercalates and reaction times for each mixture Host Mass Guest Mass Heating [g] [g] time [hrs] VER-L 0.33 ODA 1.09 24 VER-L 0.33 DDA 0.75 24 VER-L 0.33 OA 0.52 54 VER-S 0.33 ODA 1.09 74 VER-S 0.33 DDA 0.75 24 VER-S 0.33 OA 0.52 54