interference filter

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Interference filter

An optical filter in which the wavelengths that are not transmitted are removed by interference phenomena rather than by absorption or scattering. In addition to being able to duplicate most of the spectral characteristics of absorption color filters, these devices can be made to transmit a very narrow band of wavelengths. They can thus be used as monochromators to examine a radiation source at the wavelength of a single spectrum line. For example, the solar disk can be observed in light of the hydrogen line Hα and thus the distribution of excited hydrogen over the disk can be determined. Most narrow-band interference filters are based on the Fabry-Perot interferometer. See Interference of waves, Interferometry

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interference filter

An optical, ultraviolet, or infrared filter in which unwanted wavelengths are removed by destructive interference rather than by absorption. It produces a very narrow band of wavelengths, typically between 1 and 10 nanometers. One form, the multilayer filter, consists of a stack of transparently thin films with different refractive indices deposited on an optical glass substrate. The films allow only a selected waveband of 1 nm or less to be transmitted right through. The remaining wavelengths are reflected and caused to interfere destructively.
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interference filter

[‚in·tər′fir·əns ¦fil·tər]
A filter used to attenuate artificial interference signals entering a receiver through its power line.
A filter used to attenuate unwanted carrier-frequency signals in the tuned circuits of a receiver.
An optical filter in which the wavelengths that are not transmitted are removed by interference phenomena rather then by absorbtion or scattering.
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Low-temperature sputtering manufacturing process and lift off technology enables the interference filter to have low sensitivity to changes in temperature and exposure to high humidity.
The interference filters select the wavelengths of interest, so that the corresponding detector measures the light intensity at that wavelength only.
California Micro Devices has announced a four channel electromagnetic interference filter array with electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for data lines that connect the RF wireless and baseband chipsets, keypad modules, I/O data ports and buses in mobile applications such as wireless handsets and PDAs.
With an ionized calcium interference filter mounted in front of the telescope objective, this setup will even allow views of the chromosphere.
The optimum wavelength of light passed by an interference filter, its peak transmission, shifts as the angle of incoming light departs from 90 [degrees] .
Other examples include the statement that a Lyot filter is an interference filter; in fact, it is a birefringent filter.
I use a model NR-400 interference filter made by Corion Corp.
Although MOEs are fabricated using the same techniques as traditional optical bandpass filters, Cirtemo's wide-band optical interference filters are capable of sampling more spectral wavelengths than discrete bandpass filters.

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