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As previously stated, the interference fit establishes metal to metal contact between the tube and fin and provides TCC.
Interference fit is a type of model for nonlinear analysis with contact region in the contact surface.
It fits factory triggers well and tends to be a little too large for the frame, developing a nice interference fit when finally installed.
Another enhancement involves interference fit. "The real motivation for this was where mesh was significantly overlapping one another," says Wertheimer.
Bear's Zero Tolerance limb pockets work on an interference fit between the limb, boot and pocket to eliminate any movement of the limb in the pocket.
In many conditions, hollow shaft needs interference fit with other parts in normal work.
The load surface--the part that actually carries the stress of containing combustion pressures--is called the shrink band and cylinder assemblies are held together via a precision interference fit between band surfaces on both parts.
Rather than using a solid shaft with interference fit impellers, a modular rotor assembly consists of stub shafts, impellers and, if required, rotor spacers, with the assembly held together by a centre bolt.
(15-17) In this design, early fixation is obtained with a combination of peripheral peg cementation combined with the interference fit of the central peg.
PVC fittings have a slightly tapered "interference fit." If you apply cement and press the pipe and fitting together but let go before the weld is complete, the taper will "spit" the pipe out slightly.
A tight interference fit between mating parts is obtained by shrinking-on, that is, by heating the outer part to expand the diameter for easy assembly and then cooling so that the outer part contracts.

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