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Pertaining to or formed during a period of geologic time between two successive glacial epochs or between two glacial stages.



a period between the cold ice ages of the Anthropogenic [Quaternary] period. The interglacials were characterized by a comparatively warm climate and the complete disappearance of the ice sheet in temperate latitudes.

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Luckily, recent research has shown that moderately increased carbon dioxide concentrations, coupled with the small variations in solar insolation due to coming Milankovitch variations--which cause a wobbling of the Earth in its orbit around the sun--possibly could extend the current interglacial by some 50,000 years.
Unlike the relatively mild interglacials driven by the tilt, wobble and orbit of the Earth, the PETM fundamentally transformed the planet.
In fact, the fossil record suggests that it was during the Eemian Interglacial that a modern form of our species evolved and spread from the Rift Valley south to what is now South Africa and north to the Middle East.
Interglacial episodes, such as the Holocene flooding event, have resulted in inundation of the basin and the re-establishment of marine conditions (Lambeck, 1996).
A notable example is the Jaslo-Sanok Depression, where the highest rate of neotectonic uplift was documented in the Lublin (Schoningen, mid-Saalian) warming in the south, in the Zbojno Interglacial (Reinsdorf, early Saalian) in the north, and in the Eemian Interglacial in the east (cf.
Although the possibility of other hominins traversing Arabia and occupying the site of discovery during the interglacial period cannot be completely ruled out, it becomes more than a coincidence that they and modern humans in east Africa used nearly identical tools.
En Patagonia y en las zonas de similares latitudes en Chile, se pudieron detectar cambios demograficos recientes, que habrian ocurrido durante los ultimos periodos interglacial y glacial del Pleistoceno.
An early Neanderthal upper jaw fragment containing two teeth, whose owner probably lived during an interglacial period in the Lower Palaeolithic era, was found in a cave in the River Elwy valley, at the Bontnewydd Paleaolithic site, near St Asaph, Denbighshire.
During the past 750,000 years, there have been eight ice age cycles separated by warmer, interglacial periods; the Earth now is near the end of an interglacial period that will give way in several thousand years to another ice age.
0 degrees Fahrenheit) higher during this last interglacial period.
2002), others reflect a two-step event (called Zeifen-Kattegat oscillation), where warm conditions were interrupted by a cold dry oscillation preceding the Eemian Interglacial (Seidenkrantz 1993; Seidenkrantz et al.
It is also a fact that civilisations flourish during the short interglacial warm periods and collapse during the much longer cold periods because of famine, disease and migration.