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In Model 1, the first equation demonstrates that the coefficient of the endogenous Interlock variable, while negative in sign, is not significant at the 10% significance level.
The loop length of single jersey, 1x1rib, interlock, single pique, and fleece knitted fabrics mean differences are significant at 0.05 levels.
Interlocked operations layer is the core of interlocking system, it's necessary to have a fail-safe function.
Many court systems or state motor vehicle departments simply lack the resources necessary to enforce the use of interlock systems consistently.
However, launch of inbuilt ignition interlock systems by OEMs such as Volvo, or introduction of newer technologies - such as Sober Steering Company's sensor technology which allows driver to confirm sobriety by placing a hand on a sensor pad attached to the dashboard or steering wheel - could pose a major threat for growth of the overall ignition interlock devices market.
competition interlock, while arguing against more stringent prohibitions
In order to be able to create common automation infrastructures, mechanical interlocks should be connected to the DCS and SIS.
* Generally, only 10 percent to 20 percent of offenders will choose the interlock option over short-term license suspension (Marques and Voas 2010; Voas et al.
HB 2117 would change the law so that those offenders would need to install an interlock device for the required period of time, regardless of when they reinstate their license.
The study group participated in a game in which a given interlock and its aggregate product could be selected by a cultural consequence.
I did find that interlocks limited the number of voices in the conversations at the highest levels of corporate and nonprofit life.
As per the company, "Trapped-key interlocks offer enhanced safety and efficiency for the most difficult process management challenges.