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However, in one mishap, the safety interlock switch was bypassed by using a piece of paper to override the switch so that the shredder would continue to operate when the door was open.
The all-in-one AnywhereRaman unit is just 3.0" (H) x 9.8" (W) x 9.8" (D), and offers Class 3B laser safety certification, a keyed interlock switch and an electronic laser trigger as standard safety features, data acquisition.
Instead of a guard and interlock switch, the customer wants a light curtain.
The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC), in collaboration with United Cars Almana has announced the recall of Jeep Wrangler 2006 models over a defect in the ignition clutch interlock switch.
To ensure worker safety, all Split Hopper units include a safety interlock switch that prevents the machine from operating when the hopper is open.
It also includes software and an interlock switch to lock out stops when the saw is cutting.
Introducing wire-mesh robot guards with operator access doors that have a safety interlock switch (standard) tied into the robot or press.
The EC-S2 electrically coded interlock switch and control unit monitors one or two read heads to provide a category 4 system.
The EC Series Electrically Coded Interlock Switch and Control Unit consists of a uniquely coded actuator, a read head (switch), and a control unit capable of monitoring up to four switches for applications with up to four guard doors.
Special control features include a solid-state timer for sequential pulse clean adjustment, a standard differential pressure gauge, and a safety interlock switch for automatic shut down, if the static pressure exceeds normal operating range.
PICO-GUARD, recently unveiled by Banner Engineering, Minneapolis, MN, is a system designed as a direct replacement for the mechanical safety interlock switch. Besides removing the possibility of mechanical failure of a switch, PICO-GUARD also eliminates the need for electrical current to be routed into a machine's hazardous areas--instead, the system substitutes durable fiber optic cables, running from an optical controller to one or more doors, gates or hard guards.
Standard features include: a wide viewing window with high density fluorescent lighting for maximum operator visibility, full width access doors for easy loading and unloading and several operator safety features such as door interlock switch and a deadman switch on the foot pedal.