Intermediary Metabolism

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intermediary metabolism

[¦in·tər¦mēd·ē‚er·ē me′tab·ə‚liz·əm]
Intermediate steps in the chemical synthesis and breakdown of foodstuffs within body cells.
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Metabolism, Intermediary


intracellular metabolism; the transformation of matter in the body from the moment of its entry into the cells to the formation of the metabolic end products. The term does not refer to digestion and assimilation in the gastrointestinal tract, the formation of mineral compounds in bone tissue, or the formation of a number of other substances and fluids. The process differs in different cell organelles. Thus, glycolysis occurs predominantly in the cytoplasm, oxidative phosphorylation in the mitochondria, and protein biosynthesis in the ribosomes.

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We believe the integration of amino acid transport with oxidative metabolism, demonstrated here at the molecular level, is an important advance in our understanding of intermediary metabolism, particularly the role amino acids may play in contributing to the overall balance of carbon provision for cell maintenance, growth, and proliferation during conditions of stress.
The present experiment demonstrated that the effect of rice straw on intermediary metabolism of acetate, glucose and protein in sheep could be comparable to mixed hay.
We believe that by combining known principles of ligand-field theory with new insights into organocatalysis and organo-metallic catalysis, the question of whether intermediary metabolism is a deterministic emergence from the periodic table of the elements can be systematically addressed in a series of laboratory experiments.
The present study examined the activity of enzymes of intermediary metabolism in four tissues: muscle, liver, heart and brain of three Amazonian freshwater turtles: P.
The psychological actions of the glucocorticoids (GCs) on intermediary metabolism include the regulation of energy metabolism.
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This simple group of approaches is applied to a large group of biological problems, including study of gene expression, protein processing and trafficking, and especially the study of interactions with other proteins, with nucleic acids, and with the host of small molecules involved in intermediary metabolism.
Further differences between larval and adult metabolism during ethanol degradation are also found in the intermediary metabolism (fig.
It is considered a tracer, because it enables scientists to trace the route of a particular compound as it works its way through intermediary metabolism.
Effects of starvation on intermediary metabolism in the lactating cow.
I found that the expression levels of core functional pathways (intermediary metabolism, protein synthesis, signaling, and cytoskeleton) were well conserved but also discovered interesting differences, particularly in enzymes of nutrient metabolism and antioxidant defenses.