intermediate course

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binder course, binding course

1. In asphaltic concrete paving, an intermediate course between the course base and the surfacing material; consists of intermediate-size aggregate bound by bituminous material.
2. A row of masonry units laid between, and used to bind, an inner and an outer wall.
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All basic and intermediate courses for 2009 will allow 30 extra days for employees to apply, AMSC officials said, until further notice.
Initially, Danielle will complete a six-month Foundation Course, which will be followed by an Intermediate course and a number of technician status courses before she achieves her AAT qualification.
Skelmanthorpe's Jamie Jagger is on the Silver Level I Intermediate course, along with Cawthorne's Liam Wiles, which is also based at Headingley, while Almondbury Wesleyans have two juniors, Mark Floyd and Thomas Oakes, along with Armitage Bridge's Abdul Wahid on the bronze level, who meet on Saturday mornings at King's High School.
"The Intermediate course cost pounds 190, but because I got pounds 100 towards learning with ILA Scotland, it only cost me pounds 90.
But this month when he wanted to improve his Arabic, he was told men were not allowed on the city's only intermediate course.
The intermediate course is targeted to civilian leaders who exercise both direct and indirect supervision.
Once the new Primary PME course has commenced, the College of Naval Command and Staff (CNC&S), which has always been officially designated by the Joint Staff as an Intermediate-Level College, will become an intermediate course in fact, falling between the primary and senior-level programs offered by NWC.
This intermediate course focuses on the comprehensive understanding of what's behind the numbers in financial reports.
Keep up the great work and I hope to see you again for the intermediate course.
Award-winning technology interpreter Danny Goodman teaches readers "Spam 101" followed by an intermediate course in Spam, including how to recognize spam, the importance of firewalls, spam, virus, spyware and malware filters that should be installed on every computer, and much more.
Officials hope to have the first intermediate course available by mid-fiscal year 2005.

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