intermediate group

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intermediate group


secondary group

any group (e.g. VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATION) that can be seen as occupying an intermediate position between central state institutions and PRIMARY GROUPS such as the family or other face-to-face groupings. The number and variety of such intermediate and secondary groups is sometimes suggested as providing an important counterbalance to tendencies towards MASS SOCIETY in modern industrial societies.
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Harry McConkey's Regions Cup team were draw out of the hat in Intermediate Group One along with Russia, Portugal and the winner of the preliminary round Group A which includes Wales, Greece, Macedonia and Sweden.
The Advanced group was the youngest and the Basic group contained the highest proportion of males, whereas the Intermediate group was the oldest and contained the lowest proportion of males.
Of them, 23% fell into the fast-change group, 49% were in the intermediate group, and 28% were in the slowest-changing group.
Similar with the expression pattern of HSP90, lower levels of HSP60 were observed in high drip loss group, and the difference in HSP60 between low and intermediate group chicken muscles was not apparent (Figure 3).
Most (56 percent) fell into the intermediate group who have previously been thought to benefit most from whole brain radiotherapy, but actually appear to derive no substantial benefit from this treatment," Mulvenna said.
The Junior group comprised Residents from years 1, 2 and3; the Intermediate group had year 4 Residents and Senior Registrars; and the Senior group included Consultants.
14 Jan: Exams for Certificate Improvisation; Foundation and Intermediate group work.
Constant and Tracy, for example, were laissez faire individualists whose commitments would today be called libertarian; yet despite the vast range of their political agreement, Constant leans pluralist, defending local and particularist loyalties as a bulwark against state power, while Tracy leans rationalist, arguing that if the central government represents the entire population, then any intermediate group acting to check its power must represent an illegitimate special interest.
Tenders are invited for Dismantling, Overhauling & Erection Of Guide Trolley And Fixing & Tightening Of Coupling Bolts Of Roughing Group & Intermediate Group In Wrm, Bsp
Low risk was counselled for continuing the pregnancy and intermediate group was counselled for NT.
irst started in 2010 running with an Active Newcastle daytime beginners' group, then transferred to an intermediate group where I stayed for a couple of years.
neither" was included in the intermediate group (n = 46), and "rather weak" and "weak" were included in the weak group (n = 54).

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