Intermediate Host

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intermediate host

[‚in·tər′mēd·ē·ət ′hōst]
The host in which a parasite multiplies asexually.
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Intermediate Host


(in biology). (1) An animal in which sexually immature parasites live. Those animals in which parasites reach sexual maturity and reproduce are called definitive hosts. Man, for instance, is the intermediate host of the causative agent of malaria (malarial plasmodium), while the mosquito is the definitive host.

(2) A plant on which a rust fungus, or a parasite of a cultivated plant, passes part of its life cycle. Most of these fungi form aecidial sporangiophores, or aecidia, on intermediate hosts; for example, stem rust of the grasses Puccinia graminis forms on barberry leaves.

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New insight in lymnaeid snails (Mollusca, Gastropoda) as intermediate hosts of Fasciola hepatica (Trematoda, Digenea) in Belgium and Luxembourg.
Other investigators (19) while working on Tenderfoot Lake and Morris Lake also found that, Tenderfoot Lake being more polluted have much higher content of chlorophyll A, providing a much better habitat for snails which act as the intermediate hosts for most of the parasitic diseases, thus having more parasitic infection as compared to Morris Lake.
This abundance of trematode species that exploit snails as their mandatory first intermediate host has also been documented and reviewed in Europe [50].
Caption: Figure 4: Silica transport dynamics in a system with high host rock permeability ([10.sup.-14] [m.sup.2]), a shallow intrusion emplacement depth, and intermediate host rock porosity (0.05).
Although it is believed that there is an intermediate host required for Haplosporidium nelsoni, there are few published studies on the
Infection occurs as a result of oral intake of eggs spreading via faecal dumps of those animals by intermediate hosts (Sharma and Chauhan, 2006).
Unfortunately, the wetlands inhabited by the intermediate host snails present a significant barrier to developing improved risk assessment models (Malone and Zukowski 1992, DeRoeck et al.
First the egg is ingested by the intermediate host, where it develops into the larval stage.
granulosus requires two host type, a definitive host and an intermediate host. Dogs are definitive hosts of the adult tapeworm and ruminants (Particularly sheep and goats) are intermediate hosts.
The important point here is that animals other than cats do not shed infective oocysts in their feces, so the likelihood of your being exposed to Tgondii oocysts in the feces of a dog (an intermediate host) are exceedingly low.

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