intermediate language

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intermediate language

A language that is generated from programming source code, but that cannot be directly executed by the CPU. Also called "bytecode," "p-code," "pseudocode" or "pseudo language," the intermediate language (IL) is platform independent. It can be run in any computer environment that has a runtime engine for the language.

In order to execute the intermediate language program, it must be interpreted a line at a time into machine language when it is run or compiled entirely into machine language just before it is run or compiled entirely ahead of time and run when required.

A Popular Architecture
Visual Basic and Java are notable examples of programming languages that generate an intermediate language. Microsoft's .NET and Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), the ECMA standard version of .NET, also generate an intermediate language (see CLR and CLI). See Java Virtual Machine, bytecode, managed code and runtime environment.
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Another interesting finding of the present study which was not reported by related studies such as Alibakhshi and Abasszadeh (2012) was the difference between Partial Eta Squared of posttests taken by beginner students and the tests taken by intermediate language learners.
Due to its support for a wide range of programming languages, the Common Intermediate Language is more flexible on this point.
As we argued at the beginning of Section 3, we use CPS as the intermediate language because we want to treat activation records as continuation closures.
I'd like to share a few notes I received from a language consultant friend who shared these general observations on intermediate language learning:
NET platform, the third edition adds chapters on generics, multithreaded applications, and the common intermediate language (CIL).
Emphasis is on beginning and intermediate language instruction.
Our description of an implementation consists of a series of transformations [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], each one compiling a particular task by mapping an expression from one intermediate language into another.

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