intermediate school

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intermediate school:

see schoolschool,
term commonly referring to institutions of pre-college formal education. It also properly includes colleges, universities, and many types of special training establishments (see adult education; colleges and universities; community college; vocational education).
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The mean attitude (Table-2) level of food hygiene in primary school students was 60.8411.49%, for intermediate school students it was 55.6210.34%, and for high school students it was 59.769.75% (pless than 0.001).
Current Pakachoag School Principal Deborah Kozik was named assistant principal at the intermediate school, but declined.
Al Nuaimi said that the ministry would extend the attendance time in eight intermediate schools, in accordance with a plan to stretch the day for students.
When it was first built, in 1961, the area was rural and there were few other structures nearby but the nursing home, apartment complex, high school and intermediate school were constructed with a 200-foot radius of the fertilizer retailer.
Summary: Intermediate school students Tuesday started the first day of four-day state exams, which will determine whether they are admitted into secondary school next year.
He added that this decree allowed, for the first time, to gather the monthly bonuses for those who ranked first in the intermediate school and the secondary school.AaAaH.Zain/I.Al Kazhali/AaGhossoun
Anthony Salvatore, assistant principal at the Reed Intermediate School in Newtown, Connecticut, says it's a perfect connection for their sixth grade Water and Weather, Population and Ecosystems, and Science and Technology units.
At the awards ceremony, the grand prize, a $20,000 scholarship, went to Nolan Kamitaki, 14, of Waiakea Intermediate School in Hilo, Hawaii.
Enrique Ontiveros, a fifth-grader at Kankakee Valley Intermediate School, stopped by on his way home from school to see how his neighbor was doing.
Brianna Browning, Hughes M.S., Burleson, Tex.; Rhea Bumpass, Haughton MS., Haughton, La.; Anna Chou, Ocean Township Intermediate School, Ocean, N.J.; Shannon Clawson, Aledo Junior High School.
Recent projects include the Weston Intermediate School in Weston, Connecticut and the design of the 25,000s/f addition to Fairfield College Preparatory School in Fairfield, Connecticut.

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