Mechanical ventilation

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Mechanical ventilation

1. The use of fans and intake and exhaust vents to mechanically distribute ventilation and other conditioned air.
2. A forced ventilation method that circulates the air, removes odors, and controls humidity within the building. It is often used in wet areas such as food preparation rooms and bathrooms to control odor. Ceiling and window fans or portable ventilation devices are used to circulate the air within the space. They cannot be used for air replacement unless a clear indoor/outdoor circulation pattern is established. See also: Ventilation systems

mechanical ventilation

The process of supplying outdoor air to a building or removing air from it by mechanical means, e.g., with fans; the air which is supplied may or may not be heated, cooled, or air-conditioned.
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2]O during intermittent positive pressure ventilation and in our case it did not cross 26 cm of [H.
Many intensivists will think of the 1950s in terms of the evolution of intermittent positive pressure ventilation for acute respiratory failure, which Auckland Hospital's Central Respiratory Unit exemplified.
Ventilation was maintained with intermittent positive pressure ventilation at the rate of 12 bpm and tidal volume of 400ml.

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