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Distributions of UNE with latency change accompanied by focal conduction block and with only latency change Number of extremities Latency change and Latency focal conduction block 30 change 27 Age (m, min-max) 39 (21-64) 44 (23-70) Gender (F, %/M, %) 17 (57)/13 (43) 15 (55)/12 (45) Right/Left (n, %) 8 (27)/18 (73) 7 (26)/23 (74) HUA (n, %) 4 (15) 5 (18) RTC (n, %) 8 (30) 12 (44) MIS (n, %) 8 (30) 6 (23) HUA+RTC (n, %) 1 (3) 2 (7) RTC+MIS (n, %) 6 (22) 5 (18) UNE: ulnar neuropathy at the elbow; HUA: humeroulnar arcade; RTC: retroepicondylar groove; MIS: medial intermuscular septum; HUA+RTC: entrapment in humeroulnar arcade and retroepicondylar groove together; RTC+MIS: entrapment in retroepicondylar groove and medial intermuscular septum together; F: female; M: male Table 5.
Have described a variant muscle on the left side arising from the medial border of the brachialis muscle and after bridging the median nerve, the brachial artery and vein; it was fused with the medial intermuscular septum. The muscle was innervated by the musculocutaneous nerve.
It also arises from medial intermuscular septum and is inserted into the coronoid process of ulna.
Orbital fat is divided into two compartments by the extraocular muscles and the intermuscular septum. Intraconal fat lies inner to this layer, and extraconal fat is external to it.
Biceps femoris and vastus lateralis were reflected caudally and cranially respectively after excising intermuscular septum between these muscles to expose shaft of femur.
Dissection can be carried posteriorly through either the lateral intermuscular septum, or between the heads of the triceps muscle.