private IP address

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private IP address

An IP address within three ranges of numbers that are set aside for the computers in local networks. Assigned to the devices in the network by the DHCP service in the router, these private addresses are not visible on the Internet.

The network address translation (NAT) function in the router converts the private addresses to the public address on the Internet side of the router, and that address is exposed to the world. See, CIDR, NAT, DHCP and IP address.
PRIVATE IP ADDRESS RANGESFrom          To  CIDR   10/8   172.16/12  192.168/16

 Self-Assigned Addresses
 See  DHCP autoconfiguration addressing.
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(Non-authenticated searches, i.e., searches from an internal IP address that occur when a user isn't logged into a particular system, may or may not be allowed--but they won't return the same results as if a user was logged in; the only results that will be returned will be those items that all members of the organization can view.)
If the packet passes this stage, then the load on each internal IP address is monitored.
Most often the router has an internal IP address (, or
Finally, if there is a firewall on the client's network, the internal IP address being used must be associated with a real outside address and configured appropriately so the firewall does not interfere with the connection between the client and server.
Reverse proxy is required when an end-user is traveling remotely and needs to access data that is typically located nor only behind a firewall, but often residing in nonroutable internal IP address space.
Unfortunately, because of the way such applications work, the message that the internal user sends out for setting up the session with the outsider provides only the user's working internal IP address.
Views let you create filtered perspectives of your data; for example, all data except your company's internal IP addresses, or all data associated with a specific sales region.
"In order for WebRTC technologies to work, a request for your public-facing IP address is first made to a STUN server," Zlatkov writes, explaining the difference between internal IP addresses (such as or and external, web-facing IP addresses used by a cable or DSL modem.
Internal darknet scans occur when internal host devices search for internal IP addresses that do not exist on the network.
For example, an internal network IP address used by the Shamoon samples analyzed by antivirus vendors was not present in a list of Aramco internal IP addresses released in a separate Pastebin postby the hackers on Aug.
This capability allows enterprises and service providers to move virtual machines among separate networks without changing internal IP addresses, McCafferty said.
That means two companies using the same internal IP addresses would not be uncommon.

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