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The other feature includes sustainability lanes for electric vehicles, a free environmentally friendly internal bus network, and a smart parking system, which will allow residents to book spaces in advance, cutting down travel time and improving convenience.
There are also two internal bus shelter-type structures which act as booths.
take faster microprocessors, but a faster internal bus connecting the various
The console is rumored to have an internal bus speed of 5Gbps, which outperforms the 128 MBps offered by the likes of the 3DS.
The MP5232, instead, is based on a unique internal bus architecture implementing an additional cache memory to reduce access to the external memory.
Internal bus frequency can be 20 MHz at 2.08 to 3 V supply voltage range or 8 MHz at 1.8 to 3 V supply voltage range (***, 2006).
According to the company, POWERVR SGX531 features an upgraded 128-bit internal bus architecture and related enhancements to maximise performance when integrated in the latest SoCs.
It has comprehensive diagnostic and logging functions to make testing and startup easier, and uses internal bus communications and plug-in modules for easier upgrades.
The cost of joining the mission is $2,800, including airfare from Miami, seven nights at Havana's Hotel Parque Central, one night in Miami, most meals, a guide and internal bus transportation.