internal medicine

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internal medicine,

branch of medicinemedicine,
the science and art of treating and preventing disease. History of Medicine
Ancient Times

Prehistoric skulls found in Europe and South America indicate that Neolithic man was already able to trephine, or remove disks of bone from, the skull
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 concerned with nonsurgical remedies for diseases of the internal organs. While the internist is trained to diagnose and treat all pathologies of the various internal organs and systems, he may specialize in a particular subbranch of the discipline, such as cardiology, the treatment of heart ailments, or gastroenterology, the treatment of diseases and disorders of the digestive system.
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1 Pediatric and family medicine practices are significantly more likely than internal medicine practices to see adolescent patients.
Now, ASIM is tackling another part of the problem: the lack of medical student exposure to the "real world" of internal medicine practice and the lack of positive internal medicine role models as a result.
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Letters in response to articles in INTERNAL MEDICINE NEWS and its supplements should include your name and address, affiliation, and conflicts of interest in regard to the topic discussed.
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MBC realizes that these state-level policy and procedure alterations will drill down to change the way internal medicine specialists make claims and track claim-related documents.
After an internal medicine internship at Palmetto Health at the University of South Carolina, she completed an internal medicine residency at UAMS.
of Maryland) brings together specialists in internal medicine, chief residents, and senior internal medicine residents at the U.
Two physicians at the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center recently earned subspecialty certifications from the American Board of Internal Medicine.
THREE new doctors have been appointed by the American Mission Hospital (AMH), to strengthen its existing internal medicine team.

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