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After that; the internal phase containing Ca[Cl.sub.2].2[H.sub.2]O (0.7938 g in 20 mL deionized water) was added drop by drop while the stirring at 300 rpm was continued.
This might be due to the fact that there are too few surfactants to surround the internal phase and thus particle preparation was similar to the instance when no surfactant was used.
In a word, it was obtained by light inducing polymerization of dopamine in transparent polyHIPEs which was made via polymerization within high internal phase emulsions.
Further experiments on the effect of increasing internal phase volume on drug encapsulation would further improve understanding of the significance of ratio of volume of internal to external phase on drug encapsulation.
The phase that is under the form of some fine drops is named the disperse phase or the internal phase. The phase that forms the matrix, in which these drops are suspended, is called the continuous phase or the external phase.
The internal phase consisted of ketoprofen, ethyl alcohol, polymer and triethylcitrate (TEC), which was added at an amount of 20% of the polymer in order to facilitate the plasticity (Y Kawasima et al.
This creates an osmotic pressure difference, which makes the solvent go from the external phase to the internal phase and thus the droplet grows and can eventually break.
Smaller aqueous droplets are suspended within the oil globules and make up the internal phase, as shown in the photo below.
The internal phase is composed of a solution of oxidiser salts suspended as microscopically fine droplets, which are surrounded by a continuous fuel phase.
Wipes Having A Substrate With A Discontinuous Pattern Of A High Internal Phase Inverse Emulsion Disposed Thereon And Process Of Making: No.
Additionally, the VSC8131 Multiplexer has an integrated clock generator with an internal Phase Locked Loop (PLL) that provides a 2.5GHz clock output from a low-speed reference clock for optical transmission equipment.