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A mental mechanism operating outside of and beyond conscious awareness by which certain external attributes, attitudes, or standards are taken within oneself.


the acceptance and incorporation of the standards or beliefs of other persons, or of society, by the individual. Internalization is a basic concept in FREUD's theory of personality development. The child's conscience (SUPEREGO) is formed by internalizing society's MORES, as represented by the parents’ personal values and standards. As suggested by this psychodynamic usage, the total acceptance of beliefs and values is usually implied when the concept is employed in a more general way. However, some expressed attitudes or behaviours may be based on social pressures, such as CONFORMITY, and involve compliance rather than internalization. See also SOCIALIZATION, OVERSOCIALIZED CONCEPTION OF MAN.



transfer inward from without. The concept of internalization entered psychology as a result of the work of the French sociological school (E. Durkheim and others), which linked internalization with the concept of socialization, the adoption of basic categories of individual consciousness from the sphere of social ideas. In the cultural-historical theory of the Soviet psychologist L. S. Vygotskii, the idea of internalization acquired fundamental importance for psychology. One of the basic premises of this theory is that any genuinely human form of the psyche initially evolves as an external, social form of human communication and only then, as a result of internalization, becomes a psychological process for an individual person. Stages of internalization have been traced in detail in works devoted to “intellectual actions.” In such works it has been demonstrated that internalization is not a simple transfer to action on the level of ideas (J. Piaget, Switzerland) but represents the formation of an internal structure of consciousness. Through its accompaniment by several other action changes, such as generalization or reduction, internalization leads to the formation of a new concrete psychological process.


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While there is no hard-and-fast rule relative to the minimum size for internalization, plans this small often have difficulty funding an internal operation, and an association with a limited budget and staff may not be able to invest the start-up resources required to internalize.
Numerous associations have attempted to internalize without having established control of plan documents and basic plan participation data (essentially, the information needed to bill an insured: age, address, program options purchased, and so forth), only to find themselves in protracted and costly battles with the vendors they are replacing.
can now be seen as attempts by practitioner provider firms to internalize in an effort to reduce costs of transactions and be able to deal more effectively with markets.
There may be circumstances when it would be necessary to internalize a service because it would give the organization a competitive advantage.
Offering some type of service can be a way for kids to be on the receiving end of gratitude, and this can go a long way in helping kids internalize thankfulness.
Moving forward over the longer-term, CPG suppliers will push RFID solutions beyond compliance and internalize the benefits across all supply chain and logistics processes, a viable strategic pursuit for logistics, marketing, and information technology personnel alike.
As policies make polluters internalize the cost of their CO2 emissions, electric utilities are likely to be among the most affected firms because the power sector is responsible for 37 percent of global emissions.
While studies of rituximab on its own showed diffuse surface localization following binding to CD20, the rituximab ADC was found to internalize within target cells.
We currently source only one-third of our purchases from MDC, however, we will reevaluate our suppliers and plan to internalize additional volume," adds Mr.
A child who internalizes their problems is said to be suffering from depression and experience loss of interest in activities including their study, work and social activities.
Once a person is awakened through the meditative experience, a process begins whereby one internalizes the meaning within sacred stories and ceremonies.
The collection company consists of three residential and two roll-off routes servicing approximately 1,750 customers and internalizes all of the waste into the landfill.