international gold standard

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international gold standard:

see international monetary systeminternational monetary system,
rules and procedures by which different national currencies are exchanged for each other in world trade. Such a system is necessary to define a common standard of value for the world's currencies.
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Fourth, an international gold standard would enable the international transmission of economic shocks and mismanaged monetary policy.
You know, we decoupled it from the domestic gold standard in 1933, and from the international gold standard in 1971, and since that time, it's not based on anything.
It's exactly along the lines of what Labour did with the 2008 Climate Change Act, widely seen as the international gold standard for tackling this massive threat.
At fish counters, look for the eco-label of the Marine Stewardship Council, which represents the international gold standard for sustainable fishing practices.
The introduction on the homepage of the website of one such provider of dental services shows just how developed, widespread and marketable the industry has become: `a[euro]|has been serving the foreign missions, tourists, diplomats, UN staff and expatriate communities along with local Nepalese patients with a commitment to provide the care, that is of an International Gold Standard.'
Keynes (1971 [1913]) found that the committees' recommendations were not being followed, and criticised them for being based on erroneous interpretations of the international gold standard and its practical functioning.
There have to be the schools, the shops to create communities, not just housing estates." He said Bournville Village remains an international gold standard for community development more than 100 years after its creation and that the city needs to be looking at breaking new ground in this way again.
"We decided to choose myclimate to manage our carbon emissions, because it has a number of international gold standard projects in East Africa, an area that we operate in and we want to be a responsible member of the developing communities in that region," he added.
We know that the Bretton Woods system put us on the twentieth century international gold standard system in 1945, and that Nixon took us off the gold standard in the 1971.
While ISO 13485 is considered the international gold standard of a medical device supplier's quality management system, the certification, by itself, is not a significant differentiator.
At the end of its hyperinflation, Germany locked itself into a currency regime, the international gold standard, which was deliberately designed to be so limiting that exit was impossible.
By partnering with CAP, the international gold standard for Laboratory Accreditation, we're providing significant lab quality improvement tools at a level which dramatically improves quality and safety.

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